Want to do something for Valentine’s Day with that extra WOW factor? Why not make the most of balmy evenings and pack a picnic for that someone special (or to enjoy on the living room floor after the kids are in bed).

Adriatic Continental Deli has everything you need.

Let’s start with the cheese. Go for a variety of 3-4 different textures. Balance a creamy Australian brie with something more unusual, like a single malt whiskey cheddar.

These will pair perfectly with cured meats, like a beautiful smoked prosciutto and a spicy salami.

Make sure to include accompaniments: baguette slices or wafer crackers to carry the cheese, and some dried cranberries, antipasto or fruit paste to cut through creamy flavours.

And don’t forget dessert! Throw in some dark chocolate or liqueur truffles to finish off.

Visit Adriatic Continental Deli to explore their range of local and international cheeses, sweets and other goodies. Their lovely staff will help you build a picnic or cheese board that’s sure to impress!